Medical billing, in recent years, has become a hot commodity for learning institutions all over the United States. Physician’s offices are among the companies that are likely to hire for this specific field. Chances are, if you have used employment websites to seek employment, you have come across many advertisements for medical billing careers and the different opportunities afforded to those that complete the certification process within their specific learning institute. The latest medical billing careers attainable through certification are, Medical Claims Analyst, Coding Specialist, Abstracter, Medical Office Assistant, Coding Technician, Medical Billing Specialist, Medical Clerk, or a Health Information Specialist, to name a few.
Majoring in medical billing at any learning institute, whether a Career Institute, College, or University, opens the door to many different career paths, but the career most chosen by Medical Billers is to work for a physician’s office. Physician’s offices offer an array of medical billing positions that present wonderful opportunities for a certified Medical Biller.

Every Physician’s office is in need of a certified Medical Biller to code every procedure that takes place for each patient in accordance with the CPT medical coding laws, and to also code each patients diagnosis in accordance with the ICD-9 medical coding laws ; this position of Coding Specialist can be a lucrative one, paying upwards of $60,000 annually.

No physician’s office can run smoothly without a certified Medical Billing expert to  analyse the claims before they are sent. The Medical Claims Analyst  will make upwards of $40,000 annually to review claims, to ensure procedure and diagnosis medical coding accuracy before submitting the claims to the health insurance companies for payment.

Once a physician’s office correctly codes procedures with the CPT and ICD-9 coding procedures with the use of a Coding Specialist, and then analyses the claims with the help of a Medical Claims Analyst, the office needs a certified Medical Biller to successfully submit the claim, and retrieve payment from the insurance companies. This Medical Billing Specialist must be an expert in all health insurances, plan coverages, and payments, and must have excellent customer service skills to keep in contact with the health insurance case managers. This position will pay upwards of $50,000 annually.

Finally, once Coding Specialists, Medical Claims Analysts, and Medical Billing Specialists do their part in submitting claims for payment, the Medical Clerk must file all paperwork away into folders filed by last name first; inside of the folders you will find necessary prescriptions, medical background, and health insurance claims that must be properly put into the folder in their given placement. The Medical Clerk has the job of ensuring that any necessary missing information will be obtained, and all current information will remain in the folder, and filed away in accordance with the HIPPA laws, which protect the patients information from those outside of the patients care. This position pays upwards of $40,000 annually.

The Medical Billing and Coding careers are booming and there are no signs of it slowing down in the recent future. As long as health insurance companies continue to implement new laws and procedures in order for health institutions to receive payment, the medical billing industry will only grow and become more lucrative for those smart enough to get into the field before it becomes over inundated with the next generation of Medical Billers.